Greg Foot - 2013 TV Showreel - Daredevil Science Presenter

Greg is a Science Presenter on TV, on YouTube and on Stage.

He’s Blue Peter’s Resident Science Guy, hosts multiple series for BBC Worldwide, has wracked up more than 5,000,000 hits on his YouTube films, and writes & presents sell-out spectacular live science shows around the world.

Greg has been frozen, shot and buried alive, built a jet-powered go-kart and a real levitating hoverboard, answered people’s questions from ‘What causes a beer belly?’ to ‘Why do we have pubic hair?’, unleashed giant flamethrowers on stage, and sat inside a bowling ball loop the loop… for science!

Greg has been given the prestigious title of ‘Engagement Fellow’ for The Wellcome Trust and also delivers training for clients including The Royal Society and The Prince’s Trust, and a range of talks covering his journey from Science Degree to Science Communication, Social Media, Science Busking & much more.

Have an explore of his website to find out more about what he gets up to.