Greg Foot - 2015 Showreel - Science Presenter

Greg is a Science Presenter on TV, on YouTube, on Stage and NOW ON PODCAST!

On YouTube he’s racked up more than 25million hits answering curious questions, on Stage he’s had his own nationwide theatre tour, his new Podcast “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?” investigates the bold claims being made by promising products, and on TV Greg has hosted multiple series for the BBC and he’s the Science Guy on Blue Peter!

Greg is regularly approached to write, produce and present YouTube content, training courses, keynote talks, TV shows & more for clients including the BBC, Honda Racing F1, AXA, The Princes Trust, and many others. Get in touch with Greg & his team here.

Take a look at his showreel on the left [it’s rather out of date tho sorry!] or read more about Greg’s work here.