Hello Whizz Pop Bang readers, Greg here! 👋

I hope you enjoyed ‘I’m an Aquanaut!’ – the story of my dive to the deep – in the most recent Whizz Pop Bang magazine?

Here’s a video of my dive JUST FOR YOU! ➡️

It takes you from the deck of the Baseline Explorer, out into the waves, then on a dive down into the ocean, further and further, until we reach the side of an underwater volcano 250m deep in the Twilight Zone!

This was a dive I took as part of Nekton’s Mission – check out more about the pioneering exploration at www.nektonmission.org.

And if you enjoy the video I’ve put a few more from my scientific adventure below it – including one all about a potentially new species we discovered from the deep!!

Have an explore around my website to find out more of what I get up to – I’m the Science Guy on Blue Peter, I make YouTube films answering curious questions, and I take my live shows around festivals and schools.

Oh and please share this ‘Dive to the deep’ film with your friends 🙂

– Greg

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