The Science Of A Bike Backflip - Blue Peter

An awesome, adrenaline-fuelled live stunt show that uncovers the science behind extreme sports using back-flipping freerunners and world-class trials riders.

The show has previously headlined Lancashire Science Festival and Manchester Science Festival drawing huge crowds – see the picture above! A version of the show also featured on the main stage at The Big Bang National Fair at London’s ExCeL and Greg took a few best bits along to Blue Peter to do an item on the “Science of Extreme Bike Stunts” (see video above for the full item!). [Greg is Blue Peter’s Resident Science Guy – click here to see more of what he’s done with them]

Written and MC-ed by Greg, the show explores the science and tech involved as daredevil trials riders face up against mind-blowing free-runners to find out who reigns supreme – Man or Machine?

The show content:

A lesson from the pros introduces the vaults, rolls, wheelies and bunny hops that propel both man and machine over and around their urban playground as Greg deconstructs the physiology and physics behind each one.

Then the Battle begins as the experts climb and jump over our giant 8ft scaffolding rig, competing in ever more spectacular bouts. It all ends in a Danger round – a surprise we’re not giving away!

The show features world-class extreme sports professionals who spend their lives competing and performing around the world. In charge of the team is Andrei Burton – former British Champion Trials Rider – who take trials riding shows into schools & festivals.

The show can also be presented by experienced live Science Presenter Nick Insley.

Drop Greg an email if you’re interested in the show coming to your event!