Greg Foot's Nationwide Theatre Tour 2016 - 'CAUTION: Safety Goggles Required!'

It really does bring science to life… and shows how much fun it is.

Kids and adults alike loved it!

Explosions, fire, and lots of science! #StayCurious

Gary K – twitter

Absolutely brilliant shows! I haven’t laughed that loud in ages! Hat’s off to you Mr @gregfoot #LetsStayCurious

@BristolNatureChannel – twitter

Faultlessly entertaining, energetic, funny, inspiring

Steve M – twitter

As the rapt and enthusiastic young faces in the audience price, it’s a great show for anybody (of any age) with a young and curious mind

The Reviews Hub

An amazing science show… the best I’ve seen

Blake – instagram

We had a blast, [my son] hasn’t stopped talking about the stuff he learnt!

Rachel P – twitter

Haven’t laughed so much in ages. We continued to be curious all the way home

Stephen C – Facebook

In 2016 Greg did his first nationwide theatre tour with a show of curious questions and often explosive answers: ‘CAUTION: Safety Goggles Required!’

Greg answered audiences’ questions live and tackled the nation’s most curious questions with giant flamethrowers, a hoverboard, explosions (in space!), a heart dissection, shadow puppets, giant model guts, a live firearms, funny costumes & live musical comedy – that last one being provided by Greg’s good friend, the musical comedian Neil Kelso.

If you’d like to book the show for your theatre / event please do get in touch

Touring company:
Artist & Director – Greg Foot
Artist & Musical Comedy Director – Neil Kelso
Stage Manager & Tour Technical Manager – Nick Insley
Pyrotechnics & Health+Safety Manager – Matthew Tosh

Production team:
Director – Delyth Jones
Producer – Lizzie Crouch
Assistant – Louise Furneaux
Set Designer – Emma Bailey
Prop Builders – Tod, Ian & Richard
Graphics – Trish Breslin
and lots of support by Maddie & Rob.

Big thanks to Phil McIntyre Entertainments Ltd and The Wellcome Trust for their support of the show.