This was Greg’s 2012 live show – an interactive, action-packed live science show that explored the physiology and sports engineering that make an Olympic and Paralympic athlete a champion.

Greg explored how Usain Bolt can unleash the explosive energy he needs to run 100m in a superhuman 9.58s, how Paula Radcliffe’s muscles are perfectly suited to marathon running, and what happens – live on stage – as you push your body over the finish line.

He uncovered how sports engineers gave cyclist Chris Hoy his medal-winning edge, discussed why the high-tech swimsuits were banned for London 2012, and looked at the incredible tech behind the running blades used in the Paralympics.

During 2012 the show played at 15 Public Events (science festivals & music festivals), performing 46 shows to over 10,000 children & adults.

Through a partnership with The Big Bang and Classroom Medics, a Schools Tour (presented by Nick Insley) played in 21 schools, performing more than 50 shows to almost 9,000 pupils.

This was part of The Wellcome Trust’s ‘In the Zone’ project (which Greg hosted the launch of alongside Sir Steve Redgrave) – a major initiative linked to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – supported by a Wellcome People Award and developed with the Royal Institution.