Greg on Blue Peter - Showreel 2015

Achievement Unlocked… Bucketlist ticked… Childhood dream realised…


*cough*, sorry, normal service will now resume…

Greg was first contacted back in 2013 asking if he could come along to the show and recreate the chilli challenge he took part in for his previous BBC3 series.

Fortunately for Greg’s tongue, stomach, and other parts, it was suggested that he just tackle the science this time, leaving the tasting to Barney and Radzi.

He gladly obliged, and with Lindsey (who had been on a brilliant trip to a chilli farm to learn the basics about capsaicin and the Scoville Scale) he explored the science of what Barney & Radzi were experiencing.


After that item was shown in January 2014, the producers have been inviting Greg back every month or two to do more science segments…

He’s turned 600 potatoes into a giant battery to explore the science of electricity (the World’s biggest potato battery!?), showed Radzi how to walk on custard, unleashed coloured fireballs to explain the science of fireworks,  made a comet in the Blue Peter studio, and expored the science of extreme bike skills with a BMX rider doing a backflip over the top of Radzi & Lindsey!

You can watch all of Greg’s Blue Peter items below!


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