12 Explosions of Christmas with Greg Foot | Head Squeeze

As is often the case, Greg stumbled upon a good idea whilst in the pub with a mate. The mate was qualified Pyrotechnician Mike Sansom who runs BrightFire Pyro (and who Greg is doing his KABOOM! show with), the pub was, well that doesn’t matter…

Together, Greg & Mike worked up the idea, Greg knew of a fantastic filmmaker (Tristan Goodley) who loved the idea and was up for coming along and shooting it for no budget, and Tristan knew an absolutely awesome editor (Oli da Costa at Fraktiv) who was excited about the rushes and gave us a couple of days of his time to edit it.

The idea was THE 12 EXPLOSIONS OF CHRISTMAS – 12 bangs, booms and blasts, each with a festive twist.

As well as the main video itself Greg & Mike also shot 12 explanation videos that act as both a Making Of and a Science Of for each of the kabooms. Here’s a playlist of all explanation vids!


The main video was set to specially adapted lyrics sung by the angelic New London Children’s Choir, who were a joy to work with, both before and during filming. Go see them if you can, they’re very talented!

Oh and if you fancy singing along? Here are the lyrics:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, two science guys gave to me…
12 mince pies a’popping
11 baubles blazing
10 stockings spontaneously combusting
9 reindeers a’rocketing
8 brussels sprouts cannons firing
7 bags of chestnuts roasting
6 presents exploding
5 Santas… on… fire…
4 flaming puds
3 cracking crackers
2 melting snowmen
And an eeeeeeee-pic firework tree!