AXA Research Files TRAILER

Greg is the Science Reporter for the ‘AXA Research Files’, a series of 7 beautifully made mini-docs where Greg meets scientists looking into the science of risk – from volcanic eruptions to solar storms to the embedded water in our food!

The 7 films are embedded below. A full playlist can be found here.

Be sure to also check out the two behind-the-scenes #GregVlogs too – in the first Greg vlogs the whole volcano chase mission with the team incl hot baths, ah-ah-lava & lots of the science behind why volcanoes erupt ( with the [fun!] scientist featured in the AXA Research Files ep Corrado Cimarelli), and in the second Greg vlogs all the amazing food he ate during his Japan filming (well worth a watch!).

How Much Fresh Water Does it Take to Produce the Food you Eat?

How airplane technology can help prevent heart attacks | Ep#2 | AXA Research Fund

Studies of panicking crowds help shape building evacuations | Ep#3 | AXA Research Fund

How learning styles can influence what kind of leader you are | Ep#4 | AXA Research Fund

What effect could a solar flare (or CME) have on the earth? | Ep#5 | AXA Research Fund

Organ donor research shows how Tardigrades could save lives | Ep#6 | AXA Research Fund

Scientists uncover the effects of volcanic ash on jet engines | Ep#7 | AXA Research Fund