Greg on Brit Lab* - YouTube - Showreel 2015

Greg has been writing and presenting a whole raft of videos for BBC Earth Lab* – a YouTube channel produced by BBC Worldwide – since early 2013.

Initially hosting alongside James May, Greg presenter a couple of SciGuides and was then given his own weekly strand on the channel – ‘Greg Foot Answers‘ where he answered viewers’ Q&As with brilliant graphics to help. As that strand grew in popularity and James May left the channel Greg started hosting more regular content. He is now the channel’s main host and has a weekly video that answers a curious question. Greg’s BBC Earth Lab videos have had over 15 million views.



Since 2015 Greg has been the main host of the channel, putting out a video a week. The channel now has over 400,000 subscribers and Greg’s videos have had close to 5 million views.

Head over to Greg’s YouTube channel where he’s compiled his favourite Brit Lab films, as well as playlists of his other YouTube videos too.

[*Brit Lab was formerly called Head Squeeze]